Hello, I'm Maria Lee!

Thanks for stopping by at Mia Loves Pretty.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. 

I grew up experiencing two different sides of life as a Kiwi Asian girl born in a small town in New Zealand, raised by Hong Kong immigrant parents, a sister to a younger brother and surrounded by a tight knit community of Kiwi Asian friends. Life was laid back, full of the simple small town life with piano, ballet, gym, swimming and violin lessons, mother-daughter dumpling folding, fish and chip Friday's and loads of carefree memories.

While I later chose the safe professional career path in finance and business, one joy that was always missing was some sort of creative flair in my life. I had almost 18 years with piano and music in my life, but I slowly let go of that after graduating from University and moving to pursue an Accounting career in Auckland.

Around 2005, a curious interest turned obsession was found in the beauty world and all things makeup.  After obtaining a certificate in Bridal and Makeup Artistry from the Napoleon Makeup Academy, I fuelled my desire to learn more with fun stints in freelancing makeup and hairstyling (for fashion shows & weddings), constantly learning from the beauty blogging and beauty YouTube community, all while still working in finance.  I took a small attempt at beauty blogging in 2009, posting beauty reviews and client beauty looks, to keep the creative blood flowing, however I didn't know what direction that was going to lead while I worked full time in an unrelated industry.  A few years later, during a year of planning before my wedding, a crazed interest with all things pretty & delicious, particularly, food styling and food photography was added to the list of creative obsessions. 

Over Christmas 2012, a month after getting hitched, I decided to dive into the blogging world again to fill in that creative void, and Mia Loves Pretty was born. Mia Loves Pretty is all about being casual, comfortable, stylish and enjoying the pretty things in life. This is reflected in my aesthetic and approach to all the posts on Mia Loves Pretty the blog.  On the blog you'll find carefully curated topics around my combined love for beauty, food and fashion, the three things that I love for the transformative and empowering feelings that they bring. You can find posts about beauty edits, food made from original and discovered recipes, a few fashion stories here and there, and a little bit of other life stuff.

I currently live in Sydney with my husband Jase and pup boy Bailey Buster Lee and am on a break from the corporate working world to explore, focus and work on the things I truly love. During this break it has become clear to me that I have never let go of my unwavering love for all things makeup and beauty, and the satisfaction of seeing my clients looking stunning and feeling their very best, is something that I see myself always wanting to be a part of.